About Us

I created NATE in 2018 after recognizing the options for men’s body care were outdated. As an active guy, I spent hours skating, snowboarding and being in social situations that made me realize I wanted something different from the deodorant I was wearing. Something that was non-toxic, stylish, and better for the environment and that I didn’t have to pay a premium for.

I learned that everyday more than 25,000 tons of single use plastic are thrown into the ocean which could result in more plastic than fish by 2050. I knew I wanted something that was environmentally friendly, simple, effective and premium. I also knew that I was tired of having to go to the store only to find an overload of low quality, "old news" deodorant brands all doing things the same way.

The refillable system I created will drastically reduce the amount of single use plastics thrown away each year and our formulation is made from ingredients that are better for your body. NATE will change the way you think about body care products and the positive impact they can have on the world.

Thank you,

Nate Kelly